Share New Parking Map

The majority of visitors don’t know there are multiple parking options in the district, including hundreds of free(!) and paid parking spots, according to an intercept survey the BIA did earlier this Summer as restrictions eased.

To help businesses educate their customers and to educate visitors, the BIA has updated the parking map clearly noting the free(!) spots at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park that are just three blocks from the commercial district, private lots for customers only, and time-limited paid parking at curbside throughout the district.

Hard copy postcards with the map and explanations have been distributed to street-level BIA businesses to put in take-out bags, in billfolds at restaurants or for pick-up in your store. More are available.

There are also three digital options:

  1. The two-sided PDF postcard (info and map) to post on your website for customers to download.
  2. A PDF of just the map side of the postcard to embed on your website or reservation system.
  3. A link to the new map and postcard on the BIA’s website you can refer to it on your social channels

Parking Pilot Update

In 2019, a two-year (2019-2021) paid parking program was launched by the Town of Oakville outside commercial storefronts on main and secondary streets. It was implemented to address concerns about availability of parking in the area. Parking is managed with pay-by-plate stations, meters, monthly permits and the HONK mobile payment app.

An interim evaluation of the program was scheduled for 2020, but due to pandemic impacts it didn’t happen. A final evaluation and report are scheduled to go to Town Council by December 2021. The BIA is partnering with Town to ensure the review is comprehensive and includes all aspects of parking throughout the district.

Why the Pilot?

A reminder: the pilot was launched as offering and enforcing paid parking options ensures spaces are available for customers, visitors and residents to keep the district thriving. Charging for parking in commercial areas is a common way to promote turnover and manage demand.

Rates, fees, durations and hours of operation in Bronte Village are consistent with those in other commercial districts in Oakville. Rates are $1.50 per hour and $0.25 in 20-minute quick stop spaces (free after 6 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays). All-day (nine-hour) parking is available on Ontario Street for $7 per day or $39.55 for a monthly permit.