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Bronte Village is located on the western shores of Lake Ontario accessible from all directions and by almost all modes of transportation, including by boat! 

Bronte is a walkable, safe and inviting neighbourhood right at the water’s edge. You can walk from Rebecca Street @ Bronte Road in 10 minutes or from Third Line and Oakville South Centre/bus exchange in about 20 minutes. Leave the car at home if you live nearby and enjoy the fresh air and ambiance as you stroll the area.

Bronte is serviced by four Oakville Transit bus stops along Lakeshore Road – at Bronte, Jones, Nelson and East Street – in addition to stops on Bronte Road north of Lakeshore and beyond.

The No. 3 & 3A Third Line services South Oakville Centre, Bronte GO and Bronte Village.

The 14 & 14A Lakeshore West services the Oakville GO, downtown, Bronte Village, and connects to Burlington Transit.

Both run every 30 minutes during peak hours. Check for service impacts due to COVID. 

Did you know kids under the age of 5 ride for free with a paying adult and seniors can ride all routes all day for free on Mondays? Read more.

Oakville is a designated Bicycle Friendly Community. The Waterfront Trail links Bronte to neighbouring cities like Port Credit to the east and Burlington and Hamilton to the west, plus local cycling routes. Sidewalk bike racks are located throughout the district. A continuing pilot project has bike corrals in place on Bronte Road near Marine Drive throughout the Summer and into Fall.

Check out the Town of Oakville’s active transportation options, tips and ideas.

Located at the intersection of Lakeshore and Bronte Roads, Bronte Village is a 15-minute drive from anywhere in Oakville. Bronte has hundreds of free and paid parking spots waiting for you. Take a minute before you leave home to find the best spot to park your car (or bike!) to start your visit off right.

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On-Street Paid Parking (Free after 6pm, Sundays and Holidays)

Bronte has curbside paid parking throughout the district. These parking spaces help promote turnover and ensure there are spaces for customers of nearby businesses. Look for the pay-by-plate machines or meters. Use the HONK mobile app to make it even easier.

Rates are $1.50 per hour and $0.25 in 20-minute quick stop spaces (free after 6 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays). All-day (nine-hour) paid parking is available on Ontario Street for $7 per day or $39.55 for a monthly permit.

Free Municipal Parking Lot

Bronte has a large municipal lot off Ontario Street with plenty of free spots. There’s no time limit, however, no overnight parking. It’s located steps from the beautiful waterfront but also just three blocks from local stores, cafes, and restaurants. Park here and take the scenic route into the commercial district!

Courtesy Curbside Quick Stops

These are free, 20-minute spots to pull in to do a quick curbside pick-up or take-out from your favourite local restaurant or business. Please don’t park here if you plan to stay longer.

Private Parking Lots

Many businesses have free parking in their commercial lots. These are privately owned and for customers only of the adjacent stores, restaurants, and businesses while on the premises. Look for signs and check with the business you’re visiting to ensure you’ve parked in the right spot. While

these lots might be empty, don’t be tempted. And, don’t walk off these lots after shopping at an adjacent business – even to run a quick errand at another location. The cost of towing isn’t worth it!

Since January 1, 2020, tow trucks require a license to operate in Oakville. The bylaw regulates the fees charged when a vehicle is towed from a private property. If you think you’ve been charged more than the law allows, such as an ‘administration fee,’ contact the Town immediately.

For more information on towing and vehicle storage services in Oakville, visit or contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601 (TTY 905-338-4200) or Read More Here

Restricted Residential Parking

To ensure local residents have parking in busy seasons, look for signs restricting parking on side streets near the waterfront. Towing and fines in effect. There’s plenty of free parking for visitors at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.

Download ‘A Spot for Everyone’ information and map PDF

UPDATE: Bronte Village Pilot Commercial Parking Program Extended 

A two-year paid parking program launched by the Town of Oakville outside commercial storefronts on main and secondary streets in 2019 has been extended another year due to the unexpected impacts of COVID-19 restrictions that resulted in incomplete information to evaluate the program as scheduled.

The pilot was implemented to address concerns about availability of parking in the area. Parking is managed with pay-by-plate stations, meters, monthly permits and the HONK mobile payment app.

The pilot was launched because offering and enforcing paid parking options ensures spaces are available for customers, visitors and residents to keep the district thriving. Charging for parking in commercial areas is a common way to promote turnover and manage demand. Rates, fees, durations and hours of operation in Bronte Village are consistent with those in other commercial districts in Oakville.

An interim evaluation of the program was scheduled for 2020, but due to pandemic impacts it didn’t happen. Town Council voted in November 2021 to extend the pilot by a year. A final report will go to Council in the first quarter of 2023.

The BIA is partnering with Town to ensure the review is comprehensive and includes all aspects of parking throughout the district.

Steer your boat into Bronte Harbour, past the lighthouse, and moor at the Visitors Mooring along the pier on your right for a few hours. Shop, dine and re-stock supplies in Bronte before heading home.

Read more about Harbour Office services, fishing, renting slips, boat launches and more at the Town’s Oakville’s Harbours website.