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What is a BIA?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of commercial business people within a specified geographic district who join together, with official approval of the municipality, to stimulate local business and create a unique local experience. They use their own money to draw more customers to their area by improving its attractiveness and promoting it as a good place to shop, visit and do business. As an agency of the local municipal government, BIAs are mandated to improve, beautify and maintain public lands and buildings with the BIA, beyond that which is provided by the municipality at large. 

If you are a property owner and/or tenant in the designated commercial district of Bronte, you automatically pay a levy as part of the business tax collected by the Town of Oakville. The Town passes this levy along to the BIA. This means you’re automatically a member of the BIA. 

How to Activate Your Membership

Actually, you don’t need to do anything. But, we’d love for you to share your contact information with us so we can make sure you’re always aware of BIA advocacy efforts, events, engagement or partnership opportunities or issues relevant to you. 

Contact or 905-825-3258. 

Who is Not Eligible?

Home-based businesses, businesses that fall outside of our catchment, or people whose companies do not contribute to our levy (such as individuals or businesses working in shared office spaces*, food trucks, street vendors or buskers). The Bronte BIA is currently not welcoming affiliated members.

Membership Perks:

  • You instantly become part of the Bronte business community and have the opportunity to network with potential partners and sponsors at our quarterly events.
  • Expand your horizons at learning events, or enjoy a glass of wine with members at networking receptions. We also host workshops and forums on emerging issues that impact the district. 
  • Have your say in what matters in Bronte. Members directly impact the direction of the association through surveys, focus groups, and other engagement initiatives. Make sure your voice is heard!
  • Members are regularly featured in our social media content as well as our website blog, which have far-reaching distribution. Join today and get in touch with us for more information.
  • We regularly offer assistance with local government on permitting issues and other advocacy, and can help navigate the complex structure of city hall.
  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting.

*Some exceptions may apply.

Seeking Board Members for 2023-2026 Term

Local property owners, business owners/operators invited to help shape Bronte

As the BIA Board of Directors’ term follows that of the municipality, we will be electing new members to a four-year term this fall with a January 2023 start date.

Your expertise and passion for Bronte, combined with your desire to work in cooperation and positivity with your fellow members, is what shapes the Bronte community. 

You’re invited to apply this expertise as a BIA Board member and help ensure the district’s success for years to come as it undergoes major changes. 

The Bronte BIA Board strives to maintain a board that is fully diverse in both expertise and background, to best reflect the diversity that is our membership (and the types of businesses you represent) as well as our community. The ideal candidate also has a keen interest in the affairs of Bronte and Oakville as well as a commitment to serve and represent the best interests of all businesses in the district.

What to expect as a BIA Board member?

The BIA Board meets monthly (with the exceptions of August and December) to provide strategic direction to BIA initiatives that support the overall purpose of the BIA and represent the interests of the Bronte BIA membership both as a whole and as a representative of your industry.

Click below for more information on becoming a BIA Board member and how to nominate yourself or someone you feel would excel in this role.

Full nomination package

Nomination-biography forms

Skills matrix


Nomination period is September 5 – October 5, 2022.

Contact Maureen Healey, Executive Director, with any questions at or 905-825-3258.