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What is a BIA?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of commercial business people within a specified geographic district who join together, with official approval of the municipality, to stimulate local business and create a unique local experience. They use their own money to draw more customers to the area by improving its attractiveness and promoting it as a good place to shop, visit and do business. As an agency of the local municipal government, BIAs are mandated to improve, beautify and maintain public lands and buildings with the BIA, beyond that which is provided by the municipality at large. 

Our Mission

The Bronte Business improvement Area (BIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the economic prosperity and quality of life in Bronte Village. We work to create a distinct sense of place, make Bronte walkable, bikeable and liveable, and ensure a hub of high-quality jobs offering unique businesses that service locals. 

How We Operate 

The Board of Management/Directors of the Bronte BIA includes elected members of the BIA business community and are responsible for creating and managing the annual operating plan. Funds are collected from each business member as a percentage of the taxed assessed value of their property or business. The Town of Oakville does not contribute to this budget directly. The Town acts as the ‘collection agency’ and remits the tax collected to the BIA, provides guidance and support services, and partners on projects to leverage resources.


The Bronte BIA volunteer Board of Directors oversees the overall success of the association. The structure and mandate of the Board are specified in the BIA’s Constitution. The Board has up to twelve directors and is elected by the BIA membership. We strive for directors to represent a cross-section of property owners and tenants, business sectors, diverse backgrounds and voices, and varying levels of experience. Board members are elected every four years in conjunction with the Province of Ontario’s election cycle. 

  • Maureen Healey

  • Pravaen Birk

  • Cheryl Etherington

    CHAIRCheryl Etherington CPA CGA
  • Sherril Wright

  • Shannon Fogarty

    TREASURERTim Hortons
  • Paul Cates

    DIRECTORCommerical Property Owner
  • Rano Dandybaeva

    DIRECTORThe Flavour Fox
  • Rose Luxton

    DIRECTORLakeside Livin’ Home Decor
  • Sean O’Meara

    DIRECTORWard 1 Councillor, Town of Oakville
  • Ryan Mascarenhas

    DirectorGoldwyn & Sons



In 2021, the BIA completed a community engagement process called Bronte Forward! to hear from residents, business owners and visitors to create a common vision for what we all want Bronte to look, feel, taste and smell like in the next 20 years. Read the results.

Strategic Plan (2022-2024)

The created vision of ‘Bronte as a vibrant community where everyone is welcomed and everything you need is here,’ established the foundation upon which the Bronte BIA has created a three-year Strategic Plan (2022-2024).

It focuses on:

  1. An enhanced experience
  2. Making Bronte more livable
  3. A vibrant economy
  4. Operating an effective organization

Strategic Plan (2022-2024) (PDF)

Operating Plan (2022)

The yearly operating plan is the work or business plan that we hope to achieve specifically this year in a measurable and trackable way. Building on the four focus areas in the Strategic Plan, the goals of the Operating Plan are:

  1. Bronte evokes a distinctive sense of place and arrival
  2. Bronte is walkable, bikeable and connected
  3. Bronte is dependable for everyday needs
  4. BIA members, stakeholders and staff are engaged in the well-being and success of the association

2022 Operating Plan (PDF)


Monthly Board meetings take place the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10am (currently) virtually. Contact the Executive Director if you have questions or concerns the Board should be made aware or would like minutes of past meetings.