Road Resurfacing in Bronte

Bronte and Lakeshore Roads and surrounding sidewalks will get a much-needed and long-planned resurfacing and repair in 2022 (date is TBD). Traffic will be reduced but no roads will be closed and sidewalks will remain open. Some on-street parking may be removed temporarily.

The work will happen in stages within the planned timeframe, not for the whole period. Work is scheduled between 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday.

The BIA is working with the Town to ensure as much advanced notice as possible, businesses directly impacted on specific days are given time to plan, and impacted parking is managed.

It’s all part of the 19-km Town-wide project to fix and improve driving and cycling surfaces along with sidewalks. It will include removing the asphalt on the current road top, repaving, fixing broken curbs, repairing trip hazards on sidewalks and replacing boulevard sod.  

Read more about the project, the map of all Town roads impacted and the schedule:

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