Patio Program Wraps Nov 2

Patios in Oakville that are part of the 2021 commercial recovery patio program – or expanded patios – will close on Tuesday, November 2.

The Town requires the complete removal of the patio structure, furniture and other elements from the on-street parking stalls and from the boulevard this year.

It will not be extending the program to the end of the year as it needs to do fall maintenance, as well as complete final installation in downtown as part of the Smart City and Streetscape works.

The decision was also made based on…

  • the easing of restrictions on indoor dining;
  • observing minimal patio use beyond November of last year;
  • issues with non-compliant tents/structures and heating units;
  • requiring full access to the streets and sidewalks for snow clearing operations; and
  • the Farmers’ Almanac predicting an early snow, lengthy winter, and accumulation!

Planning for 2022

Great news: staff is preparing a report to the 2022 Budget committee recommending a continuation of the commercial recovery patio program. Patio operators will be advised of the outcome and 2022 program key dates and parameters will be shared.

In early 2022, staff will re-launch the Patio Standards Study that was side-lined by the pandemic and will reach out to restauranteurs and operators for input and feedback on the development of a permanent patio program. Stay tuned.

Any questions: drop a line to:   

Staff Visiting

Staff will be visiting restaurants the week of October 25 to liaise with patio operators.

Share your Pictures

If you’ve got some pictures of your patios in action, share them with staff for inclusion in the patio study document.