Bronte Forward! Results

The Bronte Forward! engagement process has wrapped after 800 survey responses, dozens of interviews, focus groups, and two workshops with over 100 in attendance. The stories and feedback we’ve collected have been captured in a new vision document.

Bronte Forward! was a community-wide campaign to capture what people value most about and aspire for Bronte Village. It was an opportunity for residents, business owners, employees, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to shape the future of Bronte. We wanted to know what people care about most when it comes to creating a thriving waterfront community that is both a cherished destination and a place people call home. What would Bronte look and feel like at its very best? What would make you love it here even more?

Bronte Forward! provided a platform for our community to paint a holistic picture of who we are, what we care about, and what we aspire to be. The vision of Bronte as a vibrant community where everyone is welcomed and everything you need is here highlights a set of core community values that will guide local advocacy work and future planning in our growing community.

Throughout the engagement, we heard the community sing the praises of the waterfront, and of the unique local businesses. We also heard of opportunities to encourage family-friendly programming, more sidewalk cafes, music performances and farmer’s markets, as well as improved parking management.

All the stories and ideas have been collected and distilled into A Visioning Strategy for Bronte Village.

Read the full report or one-pager or see some highlights.