Meet Anya Izakowski: GoodNight GoodMorning Owner

Meet Anya Izakowski, owner of GoodNight GoodMorning, Bronte’s go-to store for women’s lingerie and swimwear! Anya recently celebrated 23 years in business, and the Bronte BIA got a chance to interview her on her experience in Bronte and her thoughts on the future of the area.

How/why did you decide on Bronte?

“I love the idea of being close to the water,” says Anya on why she was attracted to Bronte. Anya grew up on the coast of the Baltic Sea. She and her husband are sailors. “The location was affordable at the time and I was able to bike to work.” In the last 23 years, Anya has had the option to open other locations, however, due to family commitments and the love for her current location, she decided she wanted to make her store in Bronte a destination store.

Before opening her own store, Anya worked in the fashion design industry.  After years working under other brands, she decided to start her own business. “I wanted to focus on how things are made and how they work, supporting Canadian brands, and a focus on high-quality garments.”

Having a great relationship with the women she works with is another reason why she has been in Bronte for so long. “Almost all the employees working at the store are local,” says Anya. Store associates Lorna, Olga and Ana-Maria have been working with Anya for a long time and are a crucial part of the success of the business. Anya also says, “I have a great relationship with the other businesses on Bronte Rd, who are also owned by women. We have a strong bond and support each other a lot.”

What do you love about Bronte?

“Bronte is very cosmopolitan,” says Anya. “It feels like home. Coming from Europe, it feels very similar to that. I love supporting the local businesses, and I love the fact that after work me and the girls can enjoy some food or shop here. It does not feel like going to work.”

After seeing the area develop over the last 20+ years, Anya continues to find ways to love Bronte even more. She says, “I have many hobbies, and my own hobbies are covered here when shopping at the local stores. I love knitting so there’s a yarn store (@spunfibrearts), I love what Ananda (@ananda_giftsforthesoul) has to offer.”

What can make Bronte even better in the future?

“It would be nice to have a few more stores,” says Anya. “When I opened, Bronte was really quiet, so I am really impressed with how much it has grown. So, I just want to see more development, like developing the park by adding a waterpark and a more appealing playground, for example.”

She further says, “The visual part with the planters is amazing. I love the chairs, so maybe we can implement more art into things like the street pole flags, so it can represent the colour and vibrancy of the area.”

What does GoodNight GoodMorning offer?

“We are a lingerie and swimwear store, with a main focus on bra fittings,” says Anya. When customers visit the store or shop online, they can purchase not only bras but swimwear, pajamas and maternity wear. Anya considers herself a specialty store offering products for everyone from petite-to-plus sizes.

Click here to visit their online store and shop for that perfect bra, swimsuit, or nightgown today!