BIA Wants to Sponsor Your Event

The Bronte BIA is looking to sponsor at least a dozen (the more the better!) events or activations in the district this year as part of a new focus on smaller activations throughout the year vs one or two big one events. The Bronte Forward! community engagement process last year reaffirmed the community’s desire to attract locals and visitors to the district on a regular basis in all seasons.

Festivals, Events, Activations

Festivals are obvious – think about a two-day music festival with multiple stages and food stalls. Events are a bit smaller, but require lots of coordination and set-up, like a farmers’ market. Activations are even smaller, can require less infrastructure, and happen more often, like a weekly chess meet-up or instructor-led tai chi class.

The BIA has re-allocated marketing funds to provide cash sponsorship to local non-profits for them to host and run everything from crafts for kids, Zumba classes, artisan markets, walking tours, bird-watching meet-ups, fishing lessons, to musical concerts and much more. Ideally, they’d all be free or minimal cost, celebrate local culture and people, and are accessible to everyone outdoors.

With COVID restrictions continuing to limit gatherings and/or making them uncertain, we’re looking for creative ideas that could be scaled up or down as is safe.

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