BIA Districts Matter this Election

Local business districts, like the 175-business Bronte BIA, are an important driver of the economy, tourism and livability. No matter where you live or work, get engaged with candidates in the upcoming municipal election taking place October 24 and ask them where they stand on issues that impact small businesses.*

In 2021, the BIA led a Bronte Forward! community visioning process that highlighted priorities for the local community, that included: walkability, connectivity, celebration of local vibrancy, embracing inclusivity and anticipating change. Read more.

Questions to Ask Your Candidates:

  1. Vacant, unused properties can be a blight on retail streets. How would you encourage property owners to improve and/or work with the municipality/BIA to animate their properties?
  2. To improve walkability and safety, would you support Council in the implementation of a 40km or 30km speed limit or other traffic calming measures in the BIA area?
  3. The Town of Oakville is working on a town-wide Parking Management Strategy. What innovative ideas will you be looking for to manage inventory, in particular, during construction projects and on re-development sites?
  4. How will you support a framework for strategic planning and (re)development that includes local Indigenous participation?
  5. The Digital Main Street program has been a valuable tool for local businesses. How will you support its continued use at the municipal level?
  6. Lakeshore Rd. W. (Mississaga St. to Dorval Dr.) will undergo major structural improvements in the coming years once an Environmental Assessment Study is complete. In the meantime, do you support temporary, inexpensive interventions now to improve pedestrian accessibility and safety in the BIA area?
  7. Would you support reviewing/implementing a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to include security components such as lights, fixtures or cameras, in addition to fa├žade and building improvements?

* Disclaimer: The Bronte BIA is a local board of the Town of Oakville and is subject to municipal policies around the Use of Corporate Resources during a Municipal Election. This means the BIA does not campaign, endorse, work-on-behalf-of, or use its time or resources to support the election, in particular, the election of specific candidates. The BIA remains at arms-length from engaging in any politics around the elections, including but not limited to, holding all-candidates meetings or profiling candidates.

However, we invite BIA members and the community to use our visioning documents and the questions above to engage in dialogue with candidates because we know our area matters and we should ask questions about how it will be supported.

FYI: Organizations like the Oakville Chamber of Commerce do host and engage directly with candidates on behalf of businesses.