Spiritual Healing: Meet Adriana Roa

Meet Adriana Roa, owner of Ananda Connect with your Soul. Adriana moved to Canada 13 years ago from Colombia. A health issue in her family got her started on a journey exploring a holistic field and she’s been practicing alternative therapy for 20+ years.

A human resources professional by training, in 2017 Adriana decided to leave her corporate job and start her own business. “My mission in life is to help others and support them in whatever they are going through right now. I want to give back what I received when I was going through my own issues,” says Adriana. “Most of what I practice right now are techniques I learnt from my own experiences,” she says.   

Ananda offers a combination of alternative therapies within a store. A space where Adriana delivers personalized workshops to small groups and guides individuals through their healing journey. Adriana supports and gives her clients the tools to cope with whatever they are going through in that moment. “I created Ananda with the vision to be a Sanctuary, a place of healing, love and harmony,” she says.

What are you known for?

“I have studied Reiki in depth, becoming a Level III Reiki Master, pursued Bio-energetic Massage and became a Transpersonal Coach,” says Adriana. “I advocate balance and healing as an Aura Soma practitioner, Bach Flower consultant and Angel Guidance. I have immersed myself in the healing properties of Crystals, Sacred Geometry and more. All of the energy-based modalities I offer are techniques I have benefited from and continue to use in my personal practice.”

The business name, Ananda, translates from the Sanskrit meaning, bliss. Adriana says, “My business name speaks to my purpose to allow customers to connect with their soul. The goal is to guide clients in their journey of personal growth.”  In terms of products that can be found to help ones spiritual journey, Adriana sells crystals, candles, energy sprays, books and more.

What makes you different?

“I feel that what makes me different is that everything is personalized. I guide the client as soon as they step in the store. I customize my services depending on my client needs, so they truly get the one-on-one experience. I take the time to listen to them and guide them to help them find the right product they need to support them.” 

Adriana is eager to welcome clients back soon when it is safe to do so. As of June 11, the store is open at 15% capacity as per Stage 1 re-opening protocols. Call ahead or check the website to confirm store hours.

What do you love about Bronte?

The environment of Bronte was a big draw for Adriana. She says, “Being close to the lake and having the park – the energy of the space motivated me to come here.” She also appreciates the level of support that is offered to her. “When I first rented the space, I did not know about the support in the community, but I am really happy with the support I get from the Bronte BIA and the surrounding businesses.”