Slow Your Roll, Bronte

Slower is safer if you’re a walker.

The community told us during the BIA’s 2021 Bronte Forward! community engagement process that it wants a safer district with walkable streets that connect the community to the business district and the water. These are priorities in our Strategic Plan (2022-2024).

  • Recently, the 40 km/h speed limit on Ontario St was extended from Bronte Rd. to Marine Dr.
  • This fall, construction will begin on pedestrian crossovers at Ontario and Jones Sts. and Ontario and Nelson Sts.
  • This will be followed in Spring 2023 by installation of pedestrian signals at the intersection of Ontario St. and Bronte Rd., as well as an all-way stop at the intersection of Ontario and East Sts. to create controlled crossing locations for pedestrians.
  • The Town of Oakville is also scheduled to repair damaged and raised sidewalks on Lakeshore and Bronte Rds. as part of a re-surfacing project next Spring.
  • This Winter, the Town will plow and maintain pathways in the Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park, an extended service that began during COVID. Washrooms at Fisherman’s Wharf will be opened during the day.
  • Plowing of sidewalks in the BIA district will continue to be prioritized and all property and business owners must do their part to shovel snow from storefront to curb everyday.
  • Planning is currently underway with developers and the Town to ensure access to parking, businesses and sidewalks as construction begins on at least 2 properties this Fall/Winter.
  • In the meantime, the BIA is looking for private property owner partners to work together to make pedestrian customer access to their businesses through their parking lots safer with painted crossings, signage and vehicle direction, among other interventions.

Call us and let’s work together: Maureen Healey, Executive Director, 905-825-3258.