Proof of Vaccinations & Businesses

The Province and Halton Region Public Health have not implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for businesses or public places. Your business may choose to implement a policy requiring proof of vaccination prior to entering the business. Consider a number of factors before implementing such a policy.

The ability of your business to implement such a policy may be informed by a number of factors such as the nature of the business, the number of customers, the responsibilities of you as an employer and the risk of transmission.

Businesses will also have certain privacy obligations related to this issue.

In addition, businesses are subject to human rights law and there may be associated human rights reasons for your customers not to be vaccinated. 

If you have any concerns regarding a proof of vaccination policy, you should seek legal advice.*

Check out Halton Region’s COVID-19 Resources for Businesses:

*Information supplied by Halton Region Economic Development: July 21, 2021