Meet Athena from Hearing Life

Meet Athena Leone, a clinician and hearing instrument specialist at Hearing Life. Formally known as Hearing Sciences, the Hearing Life Bronte clinic opened 10 years ago and has been servicing ear and hearing care ever since. Athena started working at the Bronte location in 2019 and is going into her 15th year as a professional. The Bronte BIA got a chance to speak with her, and colleague Debbie, to discuss their roles in the clinic and love for Bronte.

What services do you provide?

“We take care of anything to do with hearing health,” says Athena. At Hearing Life, individuals get their hearing tested and are provided the appropriate treatment if they show signs of being hearing impaired. She says, “I specialize in setting hearing aids and treating hearing issues such as tinnitus (ear ringing).” The clinic offers a complimentary initial visit so that patients can determine whether or not they need treatment. This visit includes looking into the ear (an otoscopic exam), middle ear tests (tympanogram evaluation), a hearing test and noise test. The clinic asks that you call ahead and book an appointment. Safety is of high importance, so the staff do COVID screening before treating patients.

What makes you special?

Hearing Life prides itself on providing individuals with helpful and affordable treatments. Warranties, such as 3-year coverage for visits and any repairs or supplies needed for hearing aids, are available. If someone misplaces their hearing aids within 2 years, they get a free replacement. And, for those who are on the fence about needing hearing aids, Athena says the clinic offers a 90-day trial where the customer pays up front, but will be fully refunded if they feel like they don’t need them.

Hearing Life gives back to the community. The clinic started a program called Campaign for Better Hearing (CFBH). For every hearing test they conduct, they will donate $4 dollars on the client’s behalf to CFBH. Every month they sponsor someone in need of hearing aids. This is a Canada-wide initiative, however, they have had candidates from our very own Bronte get help through this campaign.

What do you love about Bronte?

“We love the location,” says Athena. “Myself and Debbie (client service administrator) try to go the shops on our free time and the lake to enjoy the water.” Not only is the location special for Athena and Debbie but the community that comes with it. “Bronte has a small community feel, and with a lot of our clients, you can feel the pride they have in Bronte so that’s really nice to see,” says Athena.

Debbie, who has been at Hearing Life Bronte for four years says “The Bronte clinic is cozy and warm. We have big windows that allow natural light to come in and brighten up our office. When our customers come in, they don’t feel like they are in a doctor’s office because of the welcoming and cozy atmosphere of the clinic.” Being close to the park and having the large windows allows both Athena and Debbie to truly feel emersed in the community. Debbie says, “It’s so nice to see people in the park playing and enjoying the outdoors. I love coming down every day by the water to enjoy the area.”

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