Limited Parking – Your Options

Bronte has limited vehicle parking, but if you ‘know before you go,’ you can ensure a safe, relaxing and enjoyable visit. For now, we welcome locals to their waterfront paradise for some exercise, fresh air, curbside pick-up from your favourite local businesses and essential shopping and medical services.

Soon, we’ll invite more visitors as restrictions ease.

Tips on How & Where to Park Your Car

  1. ‘Know before you go.’ Check out your parking options before you leave home. See the map.
  2. There are hundreds of municipal parking spots at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park from Jones to East Street. It’s just two blocks to walk north or west back into the shopping district.
  3. Use the (inexpensive) paid street parking in the commercial district along Bronte Rd., Marine Dr. and Lakeshore Rd. Look for the payment kiosks and watch the time limits.
  4. Don’t park in the 20-minute quick-stop curbside locations throughout the district. These are to help our local businesses run their curbside pick up and takeout businesses.
  5. Along Marine Dr. and East St. are two-hour residential curbside parking spots. Don’t overstay your welcome. For residents, there are new paid temporary parking permits available. Watch for signage.
  6. Don’t get fined! Fines have increased through the fall around all popular parks in Oakville to reduce overcrowding, traffic congestion and illegal parking. This is important for neighbourhood safety and emergency vehicle access. Read more.
  7. ONLY park in a private commercial parking lot if you’re shopping in those stores. For example, if you park in Centriller Square (Dennigers, Subway, Tailblazers etc.), only do so to shop in these stores. DO NOT ‘pop across the street’ to run an errand or shop elsewhere. This is a private lot and towing is strictly enforced. Simply move your car (yes, it’s a pain!), or park in a paid curbside spot and walk to a few shops. This also applies to parking after hours. Even if the stores are closed in the private lots, you will be towed. Signs are posted.
  8. Everyone wants to get close to the water these days. But, if the municipal parking at Bronte Beach or the Waterfront Park is full, come back at off-peak hours or days. The Town of Oakville is exploring paid parking at the Beach, but no decision is expected before late June. Read more.
  9. Park for free! Yes, there is free parking throughout the district (not in private lots though) after 6pm and on Sundays and holidays.

Better Yet, Find Alternative Transportation

If you can, leave the car at home and don’t sweat parking.


Bronte has two bike corrals on Bronte Rd. near Marine Dr. They each hold 12 bikes. They’re safely accessible for cyclists of all ages. Don’t forget a lock. There are also lots of smaller racks throughout the district.

Take the bus

Routes No. 3/3A and 14/14A run right down Lakeshore Rd.; connect to Burlington Transit and other Oakville routes. They don’t run often, but they run on time! Read more.


Bronte is compact and walkable. Sidewalks allow for strollers, assisted walking devices and pedestrians. Even if you drive, don’t expect to park outside your destination store. Instead, park further way and pound the pavement if you can.