Bronte Moves Forward

If you’ve wandered through Bronte in recent days, you’ve probably noticed the newly installed construction hoarding or the orange pylons that are popping up throughout the district. It appears that Bronte has officially entered the next phase of its evolution.

77 East St has already started its transformation into a 10-storey mixed-use apartment and retail building. Soon, 2370 Lakeshore Rd W will become a 6-storey retirement home with ground-floor retail and the corner of Bronte Rd and Lakeshore will transform into a 6-story boutique condominium with ground-level commercial space.

It’s a lot of change all at once – and it’s a big ask of our local businesses and residents. Construction is noisy, dusty and disruptive – and the journey ahead of us is going to have its challenges.  

But, we’re ready for this, Bronte.

If recent social media commentary is any indication, local residents are mostly concerned about the economic impact of construction on our businesses – demonstrating, once again, that Bronte is a community that looks out for each other.

We are one of Ontario’s oldest communities and throughout every stage of our evolution, we have retained a small-town-tight-knit-community feel and a sense of ownership that it takes a village to make a village.

In 2021, the BIA led a community-wide campaign called Bronte Forward! to capture what people value most about and aspire for Bronte Village. It was an opportunity for residents, business owners, employees, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds to shape the future of Bronte. We wanted to know what people care about most when it comes to creating a thriving waterfront community that is both a cherished destination and a place people call home. What would Bronte look and feel like at its very best? What would make you love it here even more?

Three visionary directions emerged from the feedback we received:

  • BRONTE IS WALKABLE & CONNECTED: Bronte is a community that emphasizes its connection to the water by creating safe, comfortable parks, streets, and public spaces that are easily walkable and inviting for people to linger.
  • BRONTE CELEBRATES LOCAL VIBRANCY: Bronte’s vibrant business district is a dependable place where everyday needs can be met, and community celebrations embrace local assets.
  • BRONTE EMBRACES INCLUSIVITY & ANTICIPATES CHANGE: Bronte is an inclusive community where new residents are welcomed; diverse business owners are embraced, and development is harnessed for the betterment of the future.

This season of construction and change is an exciting opportunity for our collective vision to become a reality. And, we repeat: we’re ready for this, Bronte!

The Town of Oakville is in the midst of developing centralized communication via a website about construction projects in Bronte. We’ll share this with you when it launches so you can stay informed on timelines and upcoming activities.

In the coming months, keep our 175 businesses at the top of mind as you make decisions day-to-day about where to spend your money. Now, more than ever, our small businesses need your support.

Come to Bronte often and watch it transform into a regenerated mixed-use area; an intersection of city life and suburban waterfront living with a thriving commercial district.

The BIA will continue to sponsor and organize events and programs that draw visitors to our neighbourhood – lakeside concerts, street parties and cultural celebrations – and we invite you to join us as we celebrate where we’ve been and where we’re going as a community.

Soon enough, when the dust settles – figuratively and literally – we’ll be welcoming new residents and businesses to join us in Bronte Village. And that’s something to celebrate!