Art is for Everyone

Joining our extensive inventory of things that make Bronte awesome, we have a twofer for you! New public art AND a food truck.

Over the course of one week in April, Canadian artist, Chris Perez transformed the new Zara’s On Wheels food truck into a spectacular work of art.

Influenced by street art, graffiti and abstract art, Chris’ vision was to create a vibrant composition that pays homage to Bronte’s waterfront, while showcasing the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern roots of the food offerings at Zara’s On Wheels.

Public art has the power to transform a space into a place where everyone feels welcome, connected to and proud of. We invite you to come and see this masterpiece in person at 79 Jones Street – and, of course, Zara’s On Wheels will be ready to take your order starting Friday, May 5, 2023!