A Chair is More than a Chair

Public spaces which people feel connected to, actively participate in and are proud of have never been more important to people’s wellbeing. And simple gestures like seating are key to transforming a place where everyone feels welcome.

Since its inception in 2017, the At Home in Bronte Muskoka chair project has given Bronte a distinct sense of place and arrival. The 100+ chairs that are scattered throughout the district and the park have trademarked Bronte as a destination that is welcoming, accessible and vibrant.

It’s been such a successful placemaking project, in fact, the BIA was awarded a grant from the My Main Street Activator program for providing the local community with a safe, outdoor experience for all ages to enjoy.

Since COVID, the project has evolved from just a Summer activation to a year-round public art project. With the support of the Town of Oakville, the pathways in Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park are plowed all Winter and the public washrooms remain open making it easy to visit.

We are pleased to share project information and BIA survey results below, which demonstrate that a chair is so much more than a chair.



  • Entice visitors to Bronte
  • Beautify the area by creating a colourful community space
  • Create ‘ah ha’ moments of wonder for visitors
  • Encourage people to spend time outdoors walking the district
  • Provide seating and respite for outdoor activity
  • Drive customers to local BIA businesses
  • Continue to the six-year tradition of the At Home Project


  • 75 Chair artists (local residents and families, organizations, students, community groups) feel connected and involved in the beautification of the district
  • 2nd year of partnership with Sheridan College to design and create chairs
  • When people think of Bronte, they think of the Muskoka chairs and a place to visit, shop and be outdoors
  • 1/3 of visitors come to the district specifically to enjoy the chairs
  • 100 percent of visitors say the chairs give them more reason to visit the district
  • Chairs are occupied 80 percent of the time during the summer season
  • Chairs draw 150+ visitors/hour to explore the district during the winter season 
  • Average spending by chair users is $13/visit